Hybrid Intelligence

Welcome to my page

Jan Zahálka

I am interested in hybrid intelligence (HI) — combining the intelligence of a human with artificial intelligence (AI) in order to solve complex tasks in various domains. I work towards unlocking HI's potential to tackle problems that would be very difficult to be solved by a human or a machine alone.

Beyond this long-term vision, contemporary HI is already quite capable of making an expert's life easier through interactive and intelligent assistance from the machine. This saves the expert's valuable time and expedites task completion in many applied domains. My own work includes applications in forensics and venue recommendation.

HI is a highly multidisciplinary topic, combining research topics from at least artificial intelligence, machine learning, multimedia retrieval, data science, visual/multimedia analytics, and information visualization. Since HI heavily involves the human, the topic of AI's impact on society is also dear to me.

I work as a researcher at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC), a university institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague. I am a founder of BohemAI, a company focused on development of HI applications and data consultancy. I hold a doctoral degree in computer science from the University of Amsterdam, and a master's degree with honors in artificial intelligence from the Czech Technical University in Prague. I have worked for or collaborated with Deloitte, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (ÚHKT) in Prague, Netherlands Forensic Institute, and University of Amsterdam.

My code is mostly Python, and I like to wrap it in Django web applications. In the front-end, I generally use a combination of JavaScript, React.js, and D3.

I am a father of two, and apart from spending quality time with my family, I like history, computer games, and a good cup of tea or coffee.